exercise program Thoracic outlet syndrome

Exercise program
Thoracic outlet syndrome

The exercise program below has been specially developed by our specialist physiotherapists. The exercises have been carefully compiled for the following condition: Thoracic outlet syndrome

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  • Duration
    2 x 10 minutes a day
  • Support
    through professional videos
  • Pain score
    insight into your progress
  • One time costs
    £ 29.95 (incl. VAT)

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Content of exercise program:

  • Every day a set of exercises is composed especially for you.
  • We explain each exercise with a professional instruction video.
  • Information about how long or how often you should do an exercise.
  • The exercises are composed by a specialized physiotherapist.
  • You start relatively easily and as time progresses, the load builds up.
  • Constant insight into your progress.
  • Access the online practice environment via our app and the website.

The exercises take about 10 minutes twice per day. The program lasts a total of 12 weeks.

This is a one-time cost of £ 29.95 (incl. VAT).


Are you not sure whether your health insurer will reimburse the costs of the exercise program? Please refer to your policy terms and conditions or contact your health insurer.


  • Age: 18 or above.
  • If in doubt, ask your doctor or practitioner for permission.
  • These exercises are intended for the following condition: Thoracic outlet syndrome


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exercise program Thoracic outlet syndrome

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