Saturday 7 March 2020 is online! The most comprehensive physiotherapy website for anyone with physical symptoms. And it is available for all to use.

The driving force behind the launch of our site is the increasing quest for online information regarding physical symptoms. For years now the trend has patients first searching online before going to a physiotherapist. We at create the essential link between patient and the physiotherapy institutions in your area. We have also incorporated an interactive online self-check so visitors can assess their own symptoms and compare the results of their own complaints with the most commonly seen physiotherapeutic conditions.

The self-check from is unique to the UK. After a few simple questions and self-tests, our algorithm compares your symptoms to hundreds of physiotherapeutic conditions and afflictions. It provides you with a list of the most likely conditions based on your specific set of symptoms. Every condition is presented thoroughly based on up to date clinical research and all pages are extensively illustrated. At the end you will be provided with a list of all the physiotherapy practices in your area if you wish to make a follow-up appointment. was originally developed in The Netherlands. Our physiotherapy site has grown to be the biggest and most extensively researched physiotherapy website with annually more than 6 million visitors. Anyone can use our online physiotherapy check and explore all the physiotherapeutic information. With the launch of we hope to provide the same contribution to physiotherapy standards as we have in the Netherlands and collectively raise the bar of the care provided nationally. Private practices that would wish to join and proliferate their practice online can apply using this link.

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